X Factor Final

x factor finalx factor final



While there are a huge variety of talented people in the world as a whole, it is not often that many get the opportunity to be known let alone be successful, and although there are many methods by which one might promote their talents in the music industry, it can be an humongous tasks in getting your talents before a wide audience where you are much more likely to achieve success. Though some might have acheived an element of success through their own dedication and hard work they are still somewhat limited in achieving real success and fame.

We have seen over recent years how through the X Factor Final, many great talents that would not have otherwise being known have acheived huge success. The fantastic thing about this is the fact that these talents are from communities all over the UK and the USA, which brings a wide variety of not only talented people but people who although they may not be as good as they think they are, they still bring great entertainment for the viewers and live audiences alike.

Another fantastic thing is that it is not only the winners that acheive success but the runners up such as JLS and Ossie Muirs amongst others, again confirming the variety of talent that would have otherwise gone unknown.

However for all viewers the X Factor Final is indeed the grand finale, where everyone can look forward with intrigue and excitement to see who will ultimately be the one with the X factor. However the finals are more than just seeing who will be the winner. The viewers have being watching every stage of the show from the initial audition, to judges house and to the semi finals and hence the finals, they have watched the development of each performer as the show progressed and seen them transformed into stars.

This transformation of the performers and the enhancement of their talents is definately accredited to the judges by all viewers, knowing most of the judges are themselves talented and have years of combined experiences in the music industry confirms to the audiences that the judges are indeed professionals. The X Factor final fills all the viewers with an overwhelming excitement as the final judgement is in effect in their hands, kmowing they have an influence on who the winner will be fills them with great anticipation. Not only are the viewers excited but the judges now has an excited anticipation of wanting to see the act they have mentored become the winner. This is undoubtedly one of the most nerve racking time for the judges as they wait to see if their mentoring skills has paid off. The cheer of the live audiences further adds to the excitement for viewers and judges alike as the whole nation seemed to be gripped to the final.

A section of the audiences may not have even seen the begining of the show but are sure to tune in for the X Factor Final, thereby creating a huge audience for the final. The X Factor final is evident of what can be acheived by everyday people from communities around the country with access to the right advice and encouragement ie mentoring. For many it is a fulfillment of all they have ever dreamed of.

Moreover the final serves as a sort of testament of encouragement to anyone with a talent and wanting to make a success of it, that they should not give up. It further encourages other hopefuls who may audition the following year and acheive their success. The glamorous stage settings and varied style of costumes all aid in making the final an electrifying experience combined with the presentation of the The X Factor final helps in creating a form of suspense when selecting the winner/s, which keeps all the viewers and live audiences in a somewhat charged, excited, atmosphere of anticipation. This greatly adds to the moment as one could almost feel the pounding hearts of the performers as they wait momentarily wondering if they are the one with the X factor.

The X Factor Final overall provides not only great excitement, fresh opportunities and entertainment, but is also a confirmation of how television can help to bring about change and betterment for many talented people in our communities.